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Dream Loop Rheingold

„The valley gets more narrow, the cliffs more craggy and the region more haggard. This is where the the Rhine is at its most beautiful.” These are the words of the poet and philosopher Friedrich Schlegel, written over 200 years ago. You experience pure rhine romantic on the Traumschleife Rheingold. And this is exactly how the film director, Edgar Reitz saw it, when he let his film characters, Edu and Lucie in the film “Heimat”, stop to picnic at the panorama view which is now part of the Traumschleife Rheingold, on their way from Berlin to Schabbach in the Hunsrück.

And the walk offers even more: It takes you through 400 million years of geological history, gives you views of the Probstei Hirzenach and the almost forgotten celtic settlement at Ginsterstück near Rheinbay.

Starting point:
Rambler’s parking place at Padelsbach on the K115 (for satnav: Kirchstraße, Boppard)

Stopping places for refreshments/meals:
Gasthaus Zum Rebstock, Tel.: +49 6741 2539
Gasthaus Zum Anker, Tel.: +49 6741 1683

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GPX Rheingold

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