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Welcome to Boppard on the romantic Rhine

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Unforgettable holidays

The town of Boppard with its 10 districts has all the ingredients for an unforgettable holiday: hills and valleys, quiet lanes and lively squares, and a wealth of nature and culture. Colourful pictures of a holiday region that is spoiled by the sun and blessed with uniqueness.


Boppard, which was once a Roman fort, is the heart and sole of this holiday area. Best wines from Bopparder Hamm flow into your glass and fascinating discoveries are to be made in the town, mirroring the two thousand year culture here on the Middle Rhine. From Boppard you can easily reach its other districts with a variety of scenery and culture.

Bad Salzig

Bad Salzig has the healing spa waters which are still used in the Middle Rhine Clinic to bring relief to many ailments. The Spa park is situated in the town centre and, with its orchards and meadows, offers the visitor relaxing strolls.


Rheinbay lies at the foot of the Hunsrück hills and presents itself in a refreshing green. From April till May it is a sea of cherry blossom and the blossoms of the old remaining orchards.


Hirzenach has an Old Provist Church. The building is baroque and has a historical garden which portrays the garden culture of the early 18th century in its original form.


Undiluted nature is what you can find in Weiler, with its climatic spa Fleckershöhe, which was established in 1844. From here you have a never-ending view over the landscape. Fleckershöhe is 531 metres above sea-level and is Boppard’s highest point.


At this point the wanderer’s heart will begin to beat faster. There are kilometres of walking routes and one of them will lead you to Holzfeld. This old village is a well-loved stopping point for walkers and combines the romanticism of the Rhine valley with the abundant nature of the Hunsrück.


The two villages of Buchholz and Udenhausen are situated high up in the Hunsrück, between the rivers Rhine and Moselle. The wild-romantic Ehrbachklamm (Ehrbach Gorge) and the quaint Brodenbachtal (Brodenbach Valley) will take you to the Moselle and both are accessible from Udenhausen and Buchholz. From Buchholz you can board the 100 year-old Hunsrück Mountain Railway which makes the steep journey from Boppard.

Herschwiesen & Oppenhausen

What remains are the villages of Herschwiesen and Oppenhausen, well-known for their celebrations. Herschwiesen has its famous Pankratius Church Fete in the shade of the old parish church, and Oppenhausen delights in celebrating Fastnacht (Karneval), the fifth season in the Rhineland.

Welcome to Boppard!

A holiday region, four seasons, 12 months and 1000 good reasons for finding out for yourself!

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