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Welcome to the World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley

The Upper Middle Rhine Valley is part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 2002 and is on a par with such wonders as the Pyramids in Egypt, the Grand Canyon in USA or the famous Taj Mahal in India!

It is much more than a simple award that the UNESCO has given this part of the Rhine Valley with its unique characteristic. If you travel from North to South, you will quickly notice the difference when approaching this part of the river.The rocks become more jagged, the hills steeper and the valley open up like an huge gate, keeping a watchful eye on everyone who enters.

In past centuries many had to pass this way, like a thread passing through the eye of a needle: merchants and traders, Kings, Emperors and Bishops, Romans and Franconians, Russians, Prussians and French, clever businessmen and romantics drawn by the enchanted scenery. The river flows through a landscape of slatey rocks and, on its journey of 65 km, forms a unique natural landscape of which can be found nowhere else in Europe.

The diversity and beauty of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley war therefore a reason for the UNESCO, which was formed in 1972, to preserve one more treasure for future generations. The main goal of the UNESCO is the preservation and appreciation of the world’s natural and cultural treasures and this leads not only to a much greater international interest but also to a greater awareness locally.

The strategical position of the Rhine was responsible for the many influences from various foreign countries. The Romans brought their culture and, most important of all, their wine to the Rhine. The Rhine Valley experienced a boom during the Middle Ages and, with its castles, leaves the strongest impression with all who visit. Important towns developed during this time, such as Boppard, Bacharach, Kaub or Oberwesel. All of these towns mirror the art and culture of the centuries. The Rhine appears to us as being like a journey through a thrilling story, full of myths and legends. This is where you will find the beautiful and magical Loreley Rock, but also an abundance of flora and fauna which thrives in the sunny climate of the Rhine Valley.

The abundance of culture and the 2000-year-old history contained in this part of the river Rhine are incomparable and are the reason for the status World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley. The special role the Rhine has played as a transport route, the special scenery, the traditional winegrowing and the shipping all show the different faces of the Rhine. The title World Heritage is a commitment but it also offers more than a thousand reasons to get to know this region closer.

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