Christmas market

Boppard Christmas market


Eventful Boppard

Boppard is the perfect stage, directly on the Middle Rhine, for 12 months of fun and entertainment, with events taking place open-air or in one of the beautiful churches or halls. The different seasons provide the different settings. Just before Winter leaves the Rhine valley, “Fastnacht” or “Karneval” is celebrated and you will see people in the lanes of the old town centre dressed in the most fantastic costumes. The “5th” season, as it is lovingly called, is very special here on the Rhine and is one of the biggest celebrations of the year. However Spring is soon to follow and, with the warmer weather, the outside festivities start to take place. Summer is the time for the many tourists and daytrippers, the white fleet of excursion boats, warm evenings, colourful fireworks and music…music…music! There is no town, river or area more beautiful than the Middle Rhine. When the summer is nearing its end, the highlight of the wine season takes place and also the Wine Festival. The wine harvest begins, you can smell the fragrance of fermenting grapes and the markets in the town are full of all that the golden season of Autumn has to offer. As the days get shorter, you might have the occasional snowflake in the streets of Boppard. The darker season of Winter is brightened by cosy hours spent with wine and culture and at the end of the year follows the glowing Christmas atmosphere that Boppard has to offer for young and old alike

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