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Middle Rhine Rock Climb

It is here, on the largest bend on the Rhine and in the most scenic part of the Rhine, that the town of Boppard, in collaboration with members of the Koblenz section of the German Alpine Associaton, has created a challenge for climbers which is unique for this region: the Middle Rhine Rock Climb. This is the more athletic version of the Rhine Castles Walk on the left banks of the Rhine. 10 ladders, 130 foot holds and 180 metres of steel wire rope had to be mounted and assembled in order to offer our walkers a climb that would otherwise not be possible in our low mountain ranges. The climber has to overcome 11 climbing passages, or alternatively use narrow paths. After beginning the climb, it is possible to avoid the more difficult sections by taking a walking path. This is a challenging tour of approx. 5 km and walkers should only partake if wearing proper hiking boots or shoes. It is also necessary that the climber has no fear of heights and does not suffer from dizziness. The climb takes about 2 ½ to 3 hours. Children, as well as all others who have no practice in rock climbing, must have proper rock climbing equipment as well as a guide.

Middle Rhine Rock Climb Map

Leaflet of the Middle Rhine Rock Climb

Climbing equipment can be hired at:

Aral Petrol Station, Koblenzer Straße/B9, 56154 Boppard,

Tel. 0049 (0)6742 2761

Hiring costs 8 Euros and there is a deposit of 20 Euros which is returned after use. You must also submit identification: e.g. an identity card or driver’s licence.

Basecamp Boppard Mühltal 6
Complete Set ( Helmet, Belt and Securing): 12 € p.Day Two-piece Set: 9 € p.Day Childcarrier: 12€ p.Day
Deposite 30 € each, only cash Reservation
Tel. 0049 /6742/896753 or

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