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The Many Faces Of Boppard

Not many towns on the Middle Rhine have so much to offer and to discover, from over 2000 years of cultural history, as Boppard has.

However this isn’t a tiresome history lesson but a living experience of the artistry and creativity of the Romans and early Christians, right through to the Middle Ages with its knights in shining armour. The Rhine valley has, in its time, seen many travellers come and go, in good and bad times, well-meaning or ill-meaning, and always leaving their markings.

Boppard offers its guests so much to discover between the blue band of the Rhine and the fresh green of the Hunsrück hills: Castles and stately homes, churches and monasteries, gardens and parks but also the genius of past composers and inventors. The town’s treasures can be found in many different ways…by passing romantic squares and small lanes in the old town and by strolling along the Rhine Allee, filled with trees and flowers. Or take a trip on one of the excursion boats to new discoveries in the region. Welcome aboard!

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