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Hunsrück Mountain Railway Walk

Up to the heights and an easy walk back down with the Hunsrück Mountain Railway

The Hunsrück Mountain Railway Walk has opened its section between Boppard and Buchholz! Information plaques show you the way to interesting viewpoints and the Brochure „Hoch hinaus, bequem bergab“ (Up to the heights, and an easy walk back down) is a practical companion to the rambler. A new attractive rambling route in the Hunsrück presents itself. The first section of the Hunsrück Mountain Railway Walk, between the Boppard-Buchholz train station and the main Boppard train station, follows the railway line, either directly alongside or in within eyeshot and offers wonderful views of the magnificent constructions along the way. The tour, which is signposted in both downhill and uphill directions, is suitable for beginners, as it is practically impossible to get lost. On route you will find information plaques at special viewpoints, which not only explain the contructions (five tunnels and 2 viaducts) but also give you information on train time-tables and when you can see the blue and white trains passing.

Using the Hunrück train integrates perfecty into the walk. Whether you use the train to take you up to Buchholz and then walk easily downhill to Boppard or vice versa, the Hunsrück Mountain Railway makes both possible.
You can read more about this walk in the brochure „Hoch hinaus, bequem bergab“. This brochure is pocket size and contains lots of information i.e. map of the route, points of interest with tips on photo stops and, of course, a timetable of the Hunsrück Mountain Railway. It is available at the local Tourist Information Offices.

Please note - overnight guests enjoy the Hunsrück Mountain Railway with our guestcard free of charge!

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