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Walks in and around Boppard

Dear Walker/Hiker,

Picturesque hills, deep valleys, babbling brooks, trees rustling in the wind…poetic impressions, and all to be discovered when you undertake one or more of our many walks in and around Boppard. The countryside around Boppard is quite unique. More than half of it consists of woodland. Also quite unique for Germany is that the town and its woodlands are situated in two different landscape areas: The largest area, to the east of the A61 motorway, belongs to the region of the Middle Rhine, which is in the UNESCO World Heritage, and the smaller area, to the west of the A61 motorway, belongs to the Moselle region.

Four main walking routes pass by Boppard: the Rhein-Burgen-Weg (Rhine Castles Walk), the Rheinhöhenweg (Rhine Hills Walks), the Moselhöhenweg (Moselle Hills Walk) and the Hunsrückhöhenweg (Hunsrück Hills Walk). The Ehrbach Gorge connects the Rhine with the Moselle. The Middle Rhine Rock Climb offers an alpine alternative. The Forest Adventure Path and the Wine Trail are self explanatory. The Hunsrück Railway Walk combines the steepest railway track in the west of Germany with a picturesque walking route. The seven remaining walks are between 8 and 13 km long. Their routes take you through the 10 urban districts and confirm that Boppard, together with its surrounding areas, is indeed a very beautiful and scenic place.

For your information: You will notice that most of our walks are called “Traumschleife”. This literally means: “Dream Loop”. In other words: a dream walk which follows a circular track.

Enjoy the great outdoors here in Boppard. The fresh air and exercise will do you the world of good!

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