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Route, Level of Difficulty, Hiring Equipment

Starting from the St. Remigíus Platz, we walk a few steps into Mühltal, before turning right into the Rhein-Burgen-Walk going in the direction of Gedeonseck. After about 5 minutes walk, we then reach the entrance to the Klettersteig. A ladder takes us to the World Heritage Logo. There is a total number of 11 climbs which have to be conquered before we reach the Ewigbach! The secured routes change alternatively with narrow paths. It is possible to avoid the highest and more difficult climbing routes by using the alternative walking path. Passing the old vineyard wall, we finally reach the Ewigsbach. To the north of the steam we can overcome the high rocky walls with the help of iron steps and a safety railing made of steel rope.

The most strenuous part is now behind us and, from this point above the vineyards, we can rest and take a look at the beautiful panorama view of Boppard. Up till this point the walk will take us approx. 1 ½ hours.

On continuing our walk, we will have fantastic views over the hills in northerly direction as far as the Lahnsteiner hills. The path then meets up with the walking path no. 37. We follow this path for about 300 metres turning left. The path is slightly hilly and sometimes takes us over a narrow ridge, leading finally back onto the Rhein-Burgen-Walk and in the direction of Jakobsberger Hof. Turning left here, it is only a short walk to the Engelseiche. We follow the rocky path to Vierseenblick (the Four Lakes View) with restaurant, from where you have a wonderful view of the Rhine, which looks like four lakes from this point. A few minutes later we have another beautiful view of the largest bend on the Rhine and Boppard from Gedeonseck (Gedeon’s Corner) where there is also a restaurant.

The last part of the walk takes us over the so-called “Ripp”, going under the chairlift and ending in Boppard.

Grade of Difficulty

This is a challenging tour and should only be done wearing hiking shoes. It is also necessary that the participants do not suffer from dizziness and are sure on their feet.

Children and unexperienced participants must have rock-climbing equipment.

The whole tour takes about 2 ½ to 3 hours.

Climbing equipment can be hired at:
Aral Petrol Station, Koblenzer Straße/B9, 56154 Boppard,
Tel. 0049 (0)6742 2761
Hiring costs 8 Euros and there is a deposit of 20 Euros which is returned after use. You must also submit identification: e.g. an identity card or driver’s licence.

Basecamp Boppard Mühltal 6
Complete Set ( Helmet, Belt and Securing): 12 € p.Day
Two-piece Set: 9 € p.Day
Childcarrier: 12€ p.Day
Deposite 30 € each, only cash
Reservation Tel. 0049 /6742/896753 or

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