Testzentrum & Impftermine

Take A Ride On The Wild Side

This is the real stuff and not something for sunday riders. The mountainbike park in Boppard has everything to make the mountainbiker’s heart beat faster. There are professional ramps, wallrides and nortshores and these are part of a freeride course which is situated about 250 metres above sea-level and is a true challenge. The course has everything to offer, for beginner and professional alike: several ramps and wallrides, but also parts that are suitable for beginners, without being boring. On the top of the hill, at the beginning of the free ride, there are various dirtlines for the passionate dirtjumper to conquer. And the over 3 metre high start ramp provokes a tremendous speed. Many passionate bikers have given this course full marks. This sport is truly “wicked”!

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