Christmas market

15 th Classic cars rally

The Tourist Information Boppard is once again organising in 2024 the very popular Classic Cars Rally at the Market Square, Boppard. The most interesting and beautiful classic cars of the last century will be on display and in a wonderful ambiance, surrounded by half-timbered houses directly on the Rhine. The max. number of participants is 50 and 20 motorbikes this year and all cars/motorbikes with a year of manufacture up to 1975 can be entered.



Date 2024: 20 July

Classic Cars Rally

Onion Market

The onion market has a very long tradition in Boppard. It goes back as far as the Middle Ages, when merchants, offering onions from a nearby Rhine island, sold their ware in Boppard. In those days the onions were transported to Boppard in small boats and barges. Nowadays you can still buy onions at the market but there is a wealth of other wares on offer, which makes a visit to Boppard during Onion Market very worthwhile indeed. There is so much to see and lots of interesting goings-on at the stands, which are all situated along the Rhine Allee in front of Boppard’s large hotels and also on the market square. This year the market will continue its long tradition and will be full of interesting surprises for its visitors…old and young alike

Place: Town centre on the market square and Rhine promenade. Date 2024: September

83 years Boppard Wine Festival

Between Heaven and Bopparder Hamm

A celebration is called for! The warm climate in the Bopparder Hamm boosts the growth of the vines and also promotes an early harvest. The grapes are usually ripe and being harvested when the Wine Festival takes place, giving reason for celebration. The Boppard winegrowers delight in inviting locals and guests to join in the celebration and therefore the Wine Festival is one of the most important highlights of the year. There is a perfect combination of: the romantic setting in the market square, the various wine stands for wine-tasting, the music and entertainment. On two weekends the gates to Wine Heaven are opened and you are never so near to Wine Heaven as here in Boppard!

The 83rd Boppard Wine Festival 2024 will take place again on the market square. Vinevillage, music stage with lot's of music and a big Laser show at saturday night will be just some highlights of the programm.

Date 2024: 27. - 30. September &  04. - 06. October

Agricultural Market

The traditional Boppard Agricultural Market not only offers you the best products from regional farmers, but also a variety of livestock. Pink piglets (a special attraction for the children), ducks, geese and other feathered friends help make the market a very colourful attraction. The visitor will find a vast arrangement of home products but also a variety of arts and crafts. The Agricultural Market takes place at the end of October and offers all the delights of Autumn, such as juicy red apples and splendid potatoes. You will find wine and schnaps, pottery, wooden toys as well as homemade bread and sausage. This is a show of all the homegrown and hand-made products that the Rhine valley and the hills of the Hunsrück have to offer.

Date 2024: 27th October

Boppard Christmas market

Sparkling stars, Christmas balls, the smell of cookies, Christmas sounds, fir greenery, gift ribbon, mulled wine, a friendly man with a long white beard and a lot of Christmas spirit -this is how visitors can expect the first Boppard Christmas market on the historic market square.

Framed by beautiful old half-timbered houses, under the eyes of the city's landmark, the St. Severus Church, the festively decorated Christmas booths line up with all kinds of offers.

Between fir trees and fairy lights decorated for Christmas everyone will find the missing present and some goodies.

From Christmas accessories, gifts and souvenirs to traditional Christmas sweets and very practical things – there is always time for a glass of mulled wine in between.

And a bit more, for the Christmas program consisting of musical interludes from the music clubs, a visit from St. Nicholas and the Christ Child, carriage rides and much more, for the big and the little ones.

The Christmas market in Boppard is a wonderful opportunity to get into the Christmas spirit and to escape the hectic everyday life.

Date 2024: 6 - 15 December

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Another reason why it is so lovely on the Rhine is the “fifth season”, as the Carnival is lovingly called by the locals. It is one of the most colourful seasons on the Rhine, even though it takes place in the winter, ending on Ash Wednesday before Lent. On the days between the Women’s Carnival Thursday and Ash Wednesday, the streets and halls of Boppard and its suburbs are full of people in their colourful Carnival costumes. Weeks before, there are lots of preparations to be made for the special evenings, where the locals have their “Sitzungen”. This is when they hold their very comical speeches, usually making fun of the local politicians and other local happenings. Costumes have to be made and dances to be practised weeks in advance. On the Sunday before the “Rose Monday”, Boppard has its wonderful Night Parade. Bad Salzig also has a parade on the Saturday afternoon. Oppenhausen has its parade on the most famous of Carnival days “Rose Monday”. These parades offer you colourful costumes and music. Sweets and other goodies are thrown out to the waiting crowds…this is a very traditional and well-loved event.

Date 2025: 02nd of March

Walk & Wine in the vinyards

Here in “Bopparder Hamm” is where it all began…the birthplace of Boppard’s wine culture, where the vineyards have such melodic names as: Mandelstein, Ohlenberg or Feuerlay. This is where the fresh new green of the vines sprouts each year when Spring returns to the Rhine. This is a unique opportunity to sample the new, lively and aromatic wines of Boppard’s winegrowers…in combination with a walk through the vineyards, stopping at the many stands where you are invited to linger, enjoy and learn. On a distance of 5 kilometres there are rows of wine-tasting stands, together with offers of the local culinary delights. Throughout the whole length of this walk, you will be spoiled by wonderful sights, smells and tastes. Winegrowers and chefs alike await the happy wanderer.The entrance to the vineyards is at Peternach on the B9. Parking is possible in Boppard or in Spay. There is a free shuttle bus service from 10.00 am until 7.00 pm to take you to the entrance from both Boppard and Spay.

Date 2025: 27th April

Walk and Wine in the Vineyards

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