Onion Market - Cancelled due to Covid 19


The Boppard Wine Festival becomes the Boppard Wine Autumn

The 81st Boppard Wine Festival 2020 is canceled, due to Covid-19 and thus also the wine hike. There is the Boppard Wine Autumn on the 30 days of September in the open wineries. The highlight will be the digital wine tasting on September 27th. from the town hall.
The big wine tasting of the city of Boppard takes place this year on a somewhat smaller scale, but is streamed live on the Internet (Youtube, Facebook). The link will be announced soon.
The rehearsal is moderated by Josh Kochhann, the well-known SWR3 moderator and DJ. The sample includes the following 7 wines from the local winegrowers:

2018 Pinot Gris-
German quality wine from Boppard Hamm, Michael Schneider Winery, Boppard

2019 Riesling, dry German quality wine from Boppard Hamm, Rolf Bach Winery, Boppard

2018 Riesling Cabinet, semi-dry from Bopparder Hamm Feuerlay, German predicate wine Königshof Winery, Boppard

 2019 Riesling Kabinett, fine dry from Bopparder Hamm barrel layout German predicate wine Heilig Grab Winery, Boppard

2019 Pinot Noir Rosé, late harvest fine dry Boppard Hamm Deutscher Prädikatswein - Golden Chamber Award coin Walter Perll Winery, Boppard

2018 Riesling late harvest Deutscher Prädikatswein - Golden Chamber Award coin Boppard Hamm August Perll Winery, Boppard

So that you can enjoy the wines at home or on vacation with family and / or friends, we offer you the wine package with them 7 wines, a bottle of Rhenser Sprudel Medium Water, 2 Boppard wine glasses and information about Boppard and its wine at a price of € 55.00.

You will receive the package from all participating winegrowers and can order it by mail in the town hall. We would also be happy to send it to you for a shipping fee of € X.XX. (Depending where the packet must be send to)

You can find the order form here.

 The sale of the packages starts on August 17th, 2020, the shipping takes place at the beginning of September.



Boppard Wine

Agricultural Market

The traditional Boppard Agricultural Market not only offers you the best products from regional farmers, but also a variety of livestock. Pink piglets (a special attraction for the children), ducks, geese and other feathered friends help make the market a very colourful attraction. The visitor will find a vast arrangement of home products but also a variety of arts and crafts. The Agricultural Market takes place at the end of October and offers all the delights of Autumn, such as juicy red apples and splendid potatoes. You will find wine and schnaps, pottery, wooden toys as well as homemade bread and sausage. This is a show of all the homegrown and hand-made products that the Rhine valley and the hills of the Hunsrück have to offer.

Date 2020: 25th October

Christmas Market Boppard

For the third time the Christmas Market Boppard will take place at the market square right beside the St. Severus Church in the center of the town.
Between historical timbered houses the market square is a wonderful place to offer the tipical german christmas atmosphere during one weekend. Christmas gifts, the tipical german "Glühwein" (hot wine punch) and delicious small meals are waiting for guests and locals.
Date 2020: 27th to 29th November

Christmas Market Boppard

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